The Leadership Abilities that Set Leaders Apart

When one works with a team, one needs to own certain leadership abilities that can help them motivate the team to work towards achieving their goals. With such abilities, one can interact positively with others efficiently. It contributes to making a person a competent and remarkable leader. Here are 10 such essential leadership abilities that one needs to hone to be a phenomenal leader.Leadership abilities


One of the most important leadership abilities, communication holds a strong place in becoming a good leader. It includes an ability to clearly explain and utilize all forms of communication effectively, which includes one-on-one, in groups, over the phone, or on mail. Communication also includes good listening skills, regular conversations, being available to discuss issues, and show concerns with others.


Another leadership ability is to motivate and inspire others by building their self-esteem, recognizing their work, and appreciating their effort.  Assigning new responsibilities also help n motivating them from time to time. It is also necessary to identify specific motivators for each individual to encourage their productivity.


Identifying skill sets of every individual and delegating appropriate tasks, is one of the most important leadership abilities. It helps in assigning duties for better productivity and enables a leader to focus on other tasks.


Maintaining a positive is an essential leadership ability to maintain a healthy environment. A leader should be able to laugh as themselves to bring a lighter mood. They need to raise their team members’ morale by showing concern, such as asking about their vacation.


Trustworthiness is a very important concern for everyone to build trust on their leader. A leader must be able to make others feel comfortable to come to them and share their concerns and issues. One needs to demonstrate integrity and show respect to every individual as well. Openness and honesty are two aspects that need to be maintained to develop trustworthiness.


A leadership role needs to come with creativity, which includes creative ways of handling issues and finding solutions. A good leader applies nontraditional solutions to solve unsolvable issues. Not always choosing safe and conventional path, inspires others as well.


Giving constructive feedback is one of the most productive leadership abilities. It helps in delivering useful information for improvement of performances. A leader needs to offer advice and assistance on to how to better the performances.


Taking responsibility, especially when failed, is an ability that a leader needs to possess. They should be able to accept blame, mistakes, and failures, whenever it needs to be. It also adds up respect and willingness to take up responsibility.


Sticking to a commitment made, is one of the major leadership abilities. This attribute requires a leader to follow through what agreed and put in extra effort to meet it, especially rewards. However, a leader should not expect others to do what they cannot do.


While working in a group, it is possible to come across mishaps and last-minute changes. A leader should be capable of accepting changes and be flexible to work on it. They need to work creatively and solve the problem with the team.


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