Hate Packing? Use these Brilliant Travel Hacks to make Packing Easier!

Packing is hard when you are travelling domestic or internationally. Personally, I think that it is one of the most tedious tasks known to man. It’s time consuming, mental resource consuming, and generally frustrating. It also becomes increasingly difficult when the packing has to be done for a trip.

It is virtually impossible to make decisions about what to take and what to leave, and not regret them later. Not to mention that the organizational skill required to fit all the necessary belongings in the given space, is not possessed by everybody.

Therefore, it is always better to know a few travel hacks that help you save some space, as well as some valuable time.

Choose your Bag Carefully

Choose Bag Pack

You pick the right bag, and half of your work is already done. Make sure that the bag you choose has the space and compartments necessary, for the clothes and accessories that you’ll be carrying. If the clothing you carry is of the formal kind, and cannot afford to be creased, then pick a flat and spacious bag, with straps to hold down the clothes.

Rolling is Better than Folding

Rolling is better than folding

With the only exception being formal shirts, rest of your clothing should be rolled instead of folded. This ends up saving a lot of space. You can store almost twice the amount of clothing in the exact same space. Rolling clothes is also less time consuming.

Make a List

Travel Checklist

This advice works on the lines of the proverb ‘Work hard now so that you can enjoy later’. Rack Your Brains, and make a list. Think of absolutely everything that you have packed, or will be packing in the future, and list it down. When you have this list handy when you are travelling, it becomes increasingly easy to keep track of the things that you have, and you do not end up losing things that you otherwise would have.

Keep some Space Free

Let’s face it. It is not possible for someone to travel to a new place and come back from there without buying anything. So the amount of luggage you have when you start your trip is almost always less than the luggage you have at the end of that trip. In cases like these, it becomes impossible for you to fit more things into your already crammed bag.

There are two ways to avoid this from happening. Either pack less items from the get go, or organise your stuff in such a way that there is some space left in the bag even after you’ve finished packing everything. It is recommended that you select the second option.

Sort Everything

Divide your bag into compartments. Separate Formal from Informal. Within Formal, separate between used and unused. Repeat that with your informal clothing. Wrap your used clothing in plastic bags or sticky film. During long trips when you are unable to wash your used clothes, this trick helps keep your fresh clothes fresh; and stops your used clothes from stanching up your bag.

You must also store your toiletries and disposables separately. Disposable and perishable goods often have odours. If they are not store separately they tend to pass on this smell to the other components of the bag.


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