Can You Live Without Travelling?

Travelers of India

In the past years, the way people perceive travel has changed drastically. Some travel for business while others for leisure. But some travel because they just love doing it. Travel shouldn’t be a forced option. Rather it should be something that one enjoys doing. But before you come down to asking someone, can you live without travelling, we need to understand what does travel mean.

So, what exactly is travel? According to Oxford Dictionary, travel is to ‘make a journey, typically of some length’. It is also known as ‘the action of travelling’ or ‘moving typically in a constant or predictable way’. It is not necessary that ‘this journey or place’ you are travelling to has to be a specific location. It can be just about any place. Now comes the next question, can you live without travelling? Why is it important to travel? Well, this can vary from…

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