Hero Passion Pro – Easy Riding for All

Every family, couple and individual requires a mode of transport because public transport is quite erratic, especially at night. Bike is the best mode of travelling in Indian cities because of narrow by-lanes and stop-and-go traffic. Bikes can easily cut through the long queues of cars and make a way out. To reach any place on time and within a few minutes, riding a bike is the best option. Moreover, Indian markets have bikes available in a variety of prices. If you are a couple and are looking for a comfortable and reliable mode of transport, you can settle for a bike which is priced between Rs 50,000 and Rs 60,000. Some of the earliest bikes which were launched to cater to the “Family Man” segment include Hero Honda Splendor, CD100 and the Yamaha RX100. These bikes are moderately speedy and offer good driving options.

Passion ProHero Honda had been the most popular bike manufacturers in the country and they had different motor bikes on offer, in different price ranges. The engine of the bike was so good that they were used for other purposes even such as drawing water from wells etc. Recently, the company split into two- Hero Moto Corp and Honda Motorcycles. Most of the bikes manufactured under the Hero Honda brand are being made by Hero Moto Corp now. One of the most reliable bikes launched by Hero Moto Corp, aside from the Splendor is the Passion Pro.

After the Splendor series, the Passion Pro is the next best-selling motorcycle line. It is a stylish commuter motorbike which is targeted both towards urban and rural market. The Passion Pro is an impeccable example of Hero MotoCorp’s USP- fuel efficiency, decent looks and respectable performance. Its attributes make it a strong competitor in the mid-range segment of bikes. The Passion Pro price is quite reasonable and within the reach of most households, irrespective of whether they are in the rural or urban zone.

The bike has a single cylinder, 97cc displacement, and air cooled engine borrowed from HF Dawn. The power created by this smooth engine is around 7.8PS available at 7500rpm while the torque is around 8Nm available at 4500rpm. The engine has been hooked up to a 4 speed gearbox with constant mesh with gear pattern which is all four up. The front of the bike has been given a telescopic suspension while the rear has been provided with 5 step adjustable dual shock. The bike is available with an option of 18 inches cast wheel and 18 inches spoke wheel. The kerb weight of the Passion Pro is around 117kgs with the kick start mode and 121kgs for the electric starting model. The fuel tank capacity is 12.8L and the usable reserve is 1L.

The Passion Pro can be bought in 7 different colours such as Sports Red, Black with Heavy Grey, Sports Red, Frost Blue and Black, Force Silver and Leaf Green Metallic. The bike is available in 4 different variants- Kick Start, Electric Start and Drum Brake, Electric Start and Disk Brake and Electric Start. The Passion Pro price for the different variants has been listed below:

  1. Kick Start: Rs 47,436
  2. Self-Alloy: Rs 50,536
  3. Kick-Alloy: Rs 48,539
  4. Electric Start and Disc Brake: Rs 52,480
  5. Self-Spoke: Rs 48. 537

The bike offers a mileage of 48kmpl on an average for city and highways. The shift of gear is manually done. If you don’t want to buy the Passion Pro, you can opt for alternative bikes such as Splendor Pro and Splendor Plus along with the HF Deluxe Eco which are all priced under Rs 50,000 and offer good performance.

The Passion Pro’s suspension is commendable and can absorb shocks on all kinds of roads. The engine has the reliance of Hero MotoCorp which has been so popular over the years. The pillion seat is highly comfortable unlike the sports bikes which are meant for the rider solely. The pillion seat is stretched out from the driver’s seat which is why a pillion can sit comfortably on the bike.

If you are looking for a bike immediately, then you can opt for a second hand bike. These bikes are good in terms of quality too and you can buy them after some scrutiny. Depending on the age of the bike and the number of kilometres driven, the price of the bike can be determined. However, since the Passion Pro is not very expensive, you can get a second hand model under Rs 20,000 or so.

To find the best bike to buy, you should go online on used bikes selling websites or online classifieds website which list information regarding bikes. Upon selecting the name of your city, you will be shown the bikes available. Not only will you find bikes by Hero MotoCorp on the website but also bikes by Yamaha, Bajaj and TVS. The complete detail about the Passion Pro would be available to you on the website including ownership period, colour, and type of ownership etc. The Passion Pro price shall also be listed and you can streamline the search results according to your budget. The contact information of the bike shall be listed on the website and you can contact the seller directly. If you are worried about the hassles involved in getting the ownership title transferred, then you should contact a dealer who would work out the process for you. When you go to see the bike, make sure you start the bike once and ride it on the road. If you do not know how to ride a bike, then you should take along someone who knows and has been riding one for quite some time in order to let you know of the true condition of the bike.

Before handing over the cash, you should look through the papers of the car, especially the Blue Book, insurance papers, pollution clearance certificate etc. Look specifically at the pollution clearance certificate because if the bike is too old, it may be deemed unfit for the road. Learning how to ride a bike is one of the easiest and you would have a lot of fun with the Passion Pro.


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