What to inspect when you buy used iPhone?

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular smartphone in the market and all are aware of its tussle with Samsung to grab the top spot. Since the phone was introduced in the market, it has sold above 100 million iPhones. The Apple is a smartphone because it offers features such as video recording an image capturing, entertainment unit, business unit and internet browser. All these features have been put together along with the high quality designs from Apple along with its innovation. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the phone is a top order one and is much sought after.

As newer models are being released into the market, like the recent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, their availability in second hand markets is increasing day by day. A used iPhone is cheaper than its brand new counterpart and hence can be bought by all and sundry. There are quite a few aspects to bear in mind before buying the iPhone. Some of them have been discussed below:

What should you consider?

Used iPhone

When you buy a used iPhone, you need to consider more properties than just features and colours. You would want a phone which is completely operational and in good condition. Even though physical damage on the phone is easy to spot, there are quite a few issues which are not visible clearly which could be faced by iPhone users. Shoppers must beware of used iPhone which is available at a very low price tag. It is probably too good to be true. Some of the parameters that you should judge the phone on are the condition and battery life and also whether a service agreement has to be signed.

Battery Life

The designs of iPhones have been improved and changed over the past years of production and so has the battery designs. Most of the iPhones available in the market today use a Lithium ion battery whereas newer versions of the battery can hold charge much longer than the older batteries. Needless to say, more the battery is recharged and discharged, it loses its strength.

Most iPhone users know that their phones do not have long battery lives and hence if you buy a used iPhone with used battery then the life span would be shorter than what it already is. It the phone has been used gently and cared for much, it should offer a reasonably decent battery life. Unlike different smartphones, batteries of iPhones cannot be replaced easily by a user when they become defunct. For replacing a battery, it is necessary to shop back the phone to Apple. When you look to purchase a used iPhone, you should enquire specifically about battery condition. You can also request the seller to get the battery changed even if it means you paying a higher price for it.


The latest iPhones look glossy and shiny when they are unboxed. However, the phone that you are looking to buy would have marks of wear and tear unless the phone was hardly used by the previous owner. The phone’s usability shall not be affected by scratches on the body although they shall affect the appearance of a phone. Used iPhones that have a lot of damage on the exterior could have been dropped which may affect their workings. There are two kinds of damages that may affect the phone’s operation greatly. They are water and screen damage. Prior to buying the phones, purchasers must closely look for these.


The latest iPhones are shipped with a 4-inch screen which allows better entertainment experience and easy usage. If the phone had a protective covering like the Otterbox then it is likely to be safe. A scratch here or there is perfectly normal as wear and tear and won’t affect the functionality of an iPhone. However, if the phone has been dropped a number of times, it may result in a scratch. The phone may still be usable, but with great difficulty. It would also look quite unattractive on the screen that is meant to be used for navigation of apps and media on the phone.

Depending on the kind of phone and the damage amount, buyers could get the screen replaced in under 15 minutes at an Apple store. Those with skills, tools and knowledge can but the replacement kit for iPhone screens and do the repair works by themselves. Even though it is highly cost effective, users must know that this would violate the warranty especially if it is under the maker’s warranty still.

Damage Caused due to Water

Apart from the damage caused by dropping the iPhone on the floor, the phone can suffer a lot of damage if it is dropped in water too. A lot of people dunk their jeans in the laundry without taking out the phone from the pockets or accidentally drop it in the sink which can cause the phone a lot of damage. There are several techniques to dry out the phone but there is no guarantee that it would work well. It may so happen that the phone is working perfectly well after the water has been dried but there is some internal damage which is not apparent. It could cause a lot of problems in usability and longevity of the phone.

If you are buying the used iPhone at a store, then make sure you peek into the earphone jacks. However, if you are purchasing the phone online, look carefully at the picture uploaded or ask the seller to take a look. If the colour is pink on the earphone, then it is evident that the phone has suffered a bit of water damage. You should then consider asking the seller the kind of water damage that it has undergone in order to decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Keeping the Phone Protected

Post purchase of the iPhone, these products can be used for containing the damage the phone may suffer from regular use. Special cases have been designed for protecting the exterior of the phone from cracks, chips and scratches. Apple also manufactures a number of cases for the phones but there are third party cases available for protecting the iPhone which are less effective and work perfectly well.


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