Why is Chennai taking over other job markets in India?

The job scenario of India is changing rapidly as newer cities are coming up as job centres. For example, Bangalore and Chennai seem to offer more jobs compared to traditional centres such as Pune or Delhi. Ever since the sentiments of the IT and ITeS companies have been revived, these two southern cities are offering more jobs compared to other epicentres of jobs in the past 3 months. The trend of corporate employment has been rising in these southern cities. Jobs in Chennai became more available as the ITeS and IT sectors bounced back and regained their previous momentum.

In fact, when the competition comes between Bangalore and Chennai, availability of jobs in Chennai was around 11 percent which beat Bangalore hands down, which was stuck at 5 percent only for the second quarter of 2014. Compared to the first quarter of 2014, hiring activity in Chennai was up by 11 percent almost. Even though across different industries, the hiring sentiments were subdued, there was a growth of 15% in terms of hiring for the ITeS sector in the second quarter of 2014. The revival of the IT and ITeS sector has made Bangalore and Chennai bounce back in terms of job availability. Even though the automotive sector has slowed down visibly, market experts believe that the overall job scenario shall improve and regain its momentum in the months to come.

Finding Jobs in Chennai

The demand for IT and BPO professionals has shown the highest growth among all industries at 10 and 11 percent respectively. Jobs in the insurance and banking sector showed the highest possible decline as the index for employment opportunities in these two sectors went down by 27 percent almost whereas advertising and marketing employment opportunities had shown a dip of almost 17 percent for the same time frame. Those professionals looking for jobs in Chennai in production and project management have seen negative inflection as the jobs index has shown a negative growth of 7 and 10 percent respectively for the same time frame.

Even though in terms of industry hiring, the sentiments are quite subdued and hiring activities are showing periods of stability. Because elections are over and there is a steady government in the centre, companies should begin recruitment soon enough. Chennai is one of the fastest expanding cities in India because of the flourishing IT and ITeS sectors along with the automotive sectors. The newer areas in Chennai which house IT and ITeS companies are Old Mahabalipuram Road, Medavakkam, Adyar and other places. These areas act as catchment area for talents in Chennai for the IT and ITeS sector because they have a lot of talented individuals living here. Because of the high flying lifestyle offered by the city at an affordable rate, more people are willing to move to the city. Chennai is also known as Detroit of India because of the large numbers of automobile companies present here. Both Renault and Nissan have their production facilities placed outside the city. The city contributes about 40 percent of the country’s automotive demand.

More companies are interested in setting up offices in Chennai because of the easy availability of infrastructure. The road transport system is very well developed in the city and the first phase of the metro railway shall begin its operations form 2015 which would considerably impact the job market in Chennai. Moreover, housing is quite affordable in the city with properties being sold in locations such as East Coast Road and Medavakkam for under Rs 40 lakhs. Since the standard of living is high and the affordability of rental properties and other amenities is quite reasonable, more people are interested in taking up jobs in Chennai.

If you want to live and work in Chennai, you have to have basic computer literacy because the city has companies whose expertise is mostly in IT and computer related works. You need not be a computer engineer, but you have to be willing to work in the industry. There are quite a few companies based here such as CitiBank, TCS, IBM, Wipro and others. Chennai has a lot of e-commerce websites based out of it also which offers a lot of employment opportunities. Fresh graduates and those with experience of one or two years can expect to work in these start-ups and e-commerce companies because they offer good pay packages and the work is challenging. Working in a company with smaller workforce allows you to explore your talents in different areas and you would be able to decide better where to focus your energies on. There are quite a few companies that offer subsidized meals, PF, medical payments, telephone bills and other amenities to their employees even though they are start-ups only. They are great organizations to discover one.

You can find good jobs in Chennai if you look up the job portals that list jobs available in the city. You can narrow down the job list for you by entering your specific skill set. You can also upload your resume on the website to attract the right offers your way. Emailing the HRs of different companies can also be helpful because not every company recruits people through drives which are made public. Even if you do not get the response that you were looking for, you could still network with the HR of a Chennai based company to come to know of the best opportunities available for you in the near future.

The job opportunities in Chennai are numerous which would allow you to explore your career options more. If you are set upon a particular career, you can progress rapidly if you station yourself in Chennai because of the various companies based here. To be able to lure a few jobs offers your way; you need to have a strong CV and cover letter backing you. There are quite a few websites that make your resume or CV for free, using the information that best suits your profile as a professional. You can also get a cover letter tailor made for the job that you are applying for.


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