The iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 – What Should You Choose?

The iPhone 6 has been slated for a release on September 26, 2014, a little after the worldwide release of the phone. The phone has been priced at Rs 65,000 which is very steep for a phone and a lot of users of iPhone would be giving second thoughts about upgrading their phones to the latest model. Even though iPhone 5S is a great device in itself, the iPhone 6 has a lot to offer to users. The price difference between the two is around Rs 12,000 or so. The biggest attraction of the iPhone 6 plus is the size of the phone, which makes it a phablet. The size of the phone is 5.5 inch and it has a few handy features along with extensive camera functions. If you are thinking of choosing between the used iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 plus, here is a comparison of the two.


The biggest difference between the two phones is the difference in size of the screens. The 5S has a standard size of 4 inches which feels quite small compared to the 5.5 inches long display of the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 Plus has been given sharper edges whereas the 5S has been given round and curved edges. Even though the size of the phone is larger, it is not the largest smart phone around and you would get used to the large screen. However, you may have to use both hands for operation which can be quite inconvenient.

The iPhone 6 is thinner than the iPhone 5S by almost 0.5mm. Even though the phone is larger, it does not feel as bulky as the 5S


The resolution of the iPhone is very impressive as it has been endowed with the Retina HD screen which makes the videos look lifelike. Moreover, the resolution is around 1080X1920 pixels, which is much more than the 640X1136 pixels resolution of the 5S. Moreover, the 5S did not have the Retina HD screen built in. The screen of the iPhone 6 is quite large and it has higher contrast and the colours are vivid and sharp.

The iPhone 6 has a combination of dual domain pixelated screen and brightness that make the viewing from wide angle seamless almost and the 5S lacks this. Also, the iPhone 6 can automatically adjust its brightness according to daylight conditions outdoors.


A main difference between the two phones lies in their processor. The latest model has been embedded with the latest A8 chip that offers almost 20 percent increased power compared to the A7 chip embedded in the 5S. The graphics card of the phone is also 50% better compared to 5S. Those who are interested in using the iPhone applications for fitness such as Fitbit, the iPhone 6 has been provided with the motion coprocessor M8, that has a barometer included for distinguishing between numerous kinds of movement including elevated and stationery exercises.

Another feature that is absent in the iPhone 5S is the VoLTE or voice over LTE that increases the clarity of calls and lowers the possibility of dropping calls when they are in process. The latest iPhone also has the iOS 8 embedded in it as an operating system.

Memory and Battery

Battery life is one of the biggest issues of a smartphone as it drains out quickly for a number of applications running on it simultaneously. The iPhone 5S offered a talk time of 10 hours or so at one go whereas the iPhone 6 can go for 24 hours of talk time without charging. Users can play almost 80 hours of music which is almost double of what the 5S allows and watch 14 hours of non-stop videos compared to 10 hours on the iPhone 5S. The stand by time on the iPhone 6 is also 6 hours more than the 5S.

The storage option of the phone has been expanded to almost 128GB although a smaller storage space of 16GB is also on offer. The iPhone 5S has a standard storage space of 32GB only. Most buyers complain about the storage space because they cannot expand it with external SD cards.

Features of the two phones

iPhone 6 iPhone 5S

Some of the advanced features included in the iPhone 6 are digital wallet, Apple Play and NFC for allowing buyers to pay for buys with the phone. For now other Android or iPhone models do not allow such facilities. The Reachability feature of the phone makes single handed usage of the phone easy as apps can be navigated with a single hand.

Those who are fans of the iPad would be glad to know that the iPhone 6 has a landscape and portrait mode and both these modes allow you to access apps fully. A lot of these applications have been made over. The zoom features of the previous phones can be skipped for a highly user friendly screen which allows full application display. Both these models however have the sensor for fingerprints.

Video and Camera

Selfie obsessed and Instagram users would love the camera on the iPhone 6. Even though the resolutions of the cameras are the same, there is optical image stabilization embedded in the iPhone 6 that reduces blur in photographs. Also, a burst mode has been included for selfies along with focused pixels and better Face Detection for sharp photos. The recording mode for videos has stabilization of cinematic videos along with continued autofocus that stabilize videos even when they are capturing movement.

Choosing an iPhone

Even though the iPhone 6 has some features that are better than the 5S, they are nothing that you would miss as a smartphone user. The improvement in processing does not matter much after a certain point which the iPhone has already reached. Also, the burst mode and other features are already on offer in Android phones. Spending such a high amount on the iPhone 6 does not make sense unless you are a complete Apple fanatic and large screen size matters to you.

If you want to upgrade your phone, you can also go for a used iPhone 5S which has features that are comparable with the iPhone 6. The storage space of 32GB is quite a bit for you to use up and should suffice the one or two years that you would be using the phone for.


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