One of the Most Prolific Job Markets of India – Chennai

The Indian job market has been revolutionized thanks to the IT boom in the country. Most Indian cities that are coming up are doing so because of IT hubs and SEZs that are there. A lot of companies both MNCs and Indian firms are based in these cities and the emergence of start-up companies in areas such as Gurgaon and Bangalore has brought in a lot of employment opportunities for most youngsters. Not only do computer literate individuals get employed in these companies but also those from non-technical backgrounds find employment in these areas.

Jobs in Chennai

Chennai is one of the southern cities which is increasing rapidly because of the IT and automobile sectors located in the city. Chennai has one of the largest IT hubs in the country with renowned companies such as TCS, Deloitte, and HCL Technologies etc. having their campus in this area. Chennai is often referred to as the Detroit of India because it supplies almost 40 percent of the cars that are produced in India. Foreign car makers such as Nissan and Renault have their production facilities right outside the city and various other manufacturing companies too are located around Chennai. Jobs in Chennai are mostly available in these IT hubs and automobile sectors. Needless to say, most of the employment opportunities ideally suit engineers. However, Chennai does have a lot of scope for copywriting and editing jobs. Chennai is also a hub of educational institutes with an IIT in the city, and numerous good colleges such as Stella Maris College, Loyola College and Madras Christian College. Chennai is also a hub of start-ups where you can find good opportunities to work which allow you gain experience in the job.

Finding a job in Chennai is not a problem at all, for either fresher or experience. Most companies in Chennai hold walk-ins for various job positions and the payment offered is quite good. You can also apply for jobs in Chennai online as many jobsites list jobs that are available in Chennai. You can read up the requirements of the job from the website and send in your application through these sites. The applications are directly delivered to the company and the sorting is done accordingly. The interviews may be conducted in person at the Chennai office of the company or it may be a video interview conducted over skype.

Some of the popular jobs that you may find in Chennai have been discussed below:

  1. Software Engineer- Because delivery centres of many software companies are located in Chennai, the demand for software engineers is high. The starting pay for a software engineer can be around Rs 3 lakhs per annum although it can go up to Rs 6 lakhs depending on work experience. Moreover, if you manage to stick it out in a particular company for 4-5 years, then there is a possibility of you going abroad for an on-site assignment. Moreover, you have the opportunity of changing your job because of the large numbers of companies based in Chennai. The jobs available in Chennai are quite challenging and you can learn a lot from the jobs. You could apply for jobs in other cities with experience backed by Chennai companies.
  2. Computer Networking and Coding- Computer networking and coding professionals are required by a lot of companies that are into application development and website development. Coders are required by companies that work with animation professionals as well. Chennai is a large hub for animation and most of the animation that is seen in Hindi and Tamil movies is done in studios of Chennai. Therefore, if you have a flair for the arts and a mind for learning the techniques, you can find good jobs as a coder.
  3. Publishing and Editing- A lot of big publishing houses have their corporate offices in Chennai. These companies require copywriters and editors on a regular basis for proofreading books. If you are qualified in English, you can try your luck in the city for well paying jobs. Chennai also publishes a number of English newspapers and magazines where journalists are required now and then. The renowned Asian College of Journalism is also located in journey which facilitates the presence of a number of large publishing and newspaper houses.
  4. Working with start-ups- Chennai has a number of start-ups in the garments, books, shoes and other spheres. You can join these start-ups for work. Working for a start-up is very different from working for an organization where you are required to work under a boss and have only specific job duties. In start ups, you may have to work in different capacities in the company and also report to a number of people. In some cases, you may be your own boss too. Start-ups require professionals for managing inventory, sales orders and other similar tasks and these start ups are quite well paying.
  5. Automobile Industry- As the automobile sector is quite large in Chennai, the demand for automobile and mechanical engineer is also high. These engineers handle the various production processes of the cars and their parts and also handle quality control of these vehicles. Automobile engineers are very well paid and the scope of advancement is quite high in the city.
  6. Teaching- Chennai is an educational hub of the city and therefore if you want to be a teacher, you can find good jobs in Chennai for it too. Jobs for teachers in Chennai are mostly limited to schools and colleges. In order to have tenure, you would need an added qualification such as B.Ed for schools and clearance of NET for college teaching.

The IT hubs of Chennai are located by the Old Mahabalipuram Road or OMR while the central business districts of Chennai which have traditional jobs such as those in banking and financial sector are located in Besant Nagar and T Nagar. The prospects of jobs in Chennai are one of the brightest and hence you should apply for them today!


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