Top 5 Jobs That You Can Get in Mumbai

Finding for Jobs in MumbaiMumbai is a city of dreams to most people in India and many of them migrate to the city to take up coveted jobs. Being the financial and entertainment capital of the country, the city offers jobs to both academics oriented people and those wanting to pursue creative interests. Production houses based in Mumbai offer thousands of jobs to youngsters for featuring in print media campaigns, advertisements, web videos and movies even. The Bandra Kurla Complex is a hub of financial services and those with financial backgrounds do get well paying jobs here. Some of the biggest names of the finance and consultancy world have their offices here. Some other companies are based out of Powai as well. The government too tries to maintain the infrastructure of the city and offers a lot of incentives to business owners in Mumbai. Recently, the Mumbai metro was inaugurated which would make commuting easier for people living in the suburbs to travel to the central business districts or CBD to work.

If you are looking for a well paying job in a city which has lots of amenities on offer, then Mumbai is the place for you to be in. The top 5 jobs in Mumbai that you can get have been discussed in this article:

Financial Consultant

Mumbai has a wide array of financial consultancy companies such as JP MorganChase and Jones Lang La Salle among others. These companies employ a lot of people in their analytics and consultancy wings. Most people with an MBA, Statistics or Economics background get employed in these companies. The pay package is quite good for these top international organizations. The starting salary could be around Rs 5 lakhs per annum and it could go up to Rs 25 lakhs even based on your levels of experience.

Large banks such as CitiBank, Kotak Mahindra and ICICI Lombard do hire consultants for their day to day activities. To land a lucrative job at these companies, it is advisable that you get a course in SAS or R done because they prefer technicians who are well versed with this software.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the biggest market sectors in Mumbai’s economy as there are many corporate law companies based in Mumbai such as Trilegal and AZB & Partners. Corporate lawyers usually handle cases of business dispute, mergers and acquisition and much more. You can find very good employment opportunities as a corporate lawyer in either a corporate law firm or an organization which has a legal division. Working for a corporate law firm could bring in Rs 50,000 to Rs 1, 50,000 in a month in an entry level position and it would increase manifold as your experience increases. You can also start working for an individual lawyer as an underwriter and then work your way upwards. The salary offered to a corporate lawyer in Mumbai is lucrative and can ensure that you live a plush and comfortable life.

IT consultant

Even though Bangalore rules the roost when it comes to IT businesses in India nowadays, the phenomenon was started by Mumbai when Tata Consultancy Services started their operations in the SEEPZ SEZ back in the 1970s. A lot of major IT companies have their base in Mumbai and they hire engineers for work.

The starting pay might be low for an IT engineer in Mumbai, to around Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 in a month. However, one can work their way up the IT ladder. Besides, if you stick around in the same company for more than 4 to 5 years, there is a good chance that the company would send you to work abroad as a part of onsite assignments. At this point in time, your salary could be as high as Rs 75,000 to Rs 80,000 in a month.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry in Mumbai is perhaps the largest in the country and it churns out the highest number of movies in a year, much more than Hollywood. Working in the entertainment industry should not be equated to working as an actor or model. There are several other technicians that the industry needs such as graphics artists, set designers, art directors, photographers, cinematographers, make-up artists and much more. The initial period may be marked with a lot of struggle but once your talent gets noticed, you can get highly paying jobs in Mumbai in this industry. For shooting an episode of a television show, you can earn Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 per shoot. Therefore, if you have to shoot 4 times in the month, you can easily pocket Rs 1 lakh!


BPO jobs are available in almost every city but the prospect of growth in Mumbai is much more. Good salesmen are offered perks and bonuses such as meal passes, passes for night clubs and discos etc. If you are not that confident with making sales, you could opt to join a tech support call centre where you would have to answer queries of people who are facing issues with their computers, laptops and other household gadgets. Once you can prove your mettle in the business, you can get promoted quickly to team leader, process manager and even project manager. Your salary keeps doubling almost as you go up the ladder of hierarchy.

Jobs in Mumbai are quite easily available. The companies here are growing and they need quality employees all the time. You can look up a job search website to find the best job profile that fits your job skills. Enter the name of the locality where you would want to work, along with the profile in which you are interested such as lawyer, SFX artist, teacher etc. and you would be shown the job description bearing the title, job description, key responsibilities and much more. Every year, thousands of people come down to Mumbai to work and earn and you could try your luck to get rich quick too!


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