5 Used Cars You Shouldn’t Buy

Most people nowadays want to buy used cars because they are less expensive and would fetch a good value when you go to resell them. Moreover, a lot of first time buyers are entering the used car market because they want to jump segments of cars in their limited budget. For example, if a buyer has a budget of Rs 4 lakhs or so, then he would get to buy a brand new hatchback only. However, if he resorts to the used car market, then he could use the Rs 4 lakhs to buy a sedan or a premium hatchback. The wide availability of different kinds of cars in the used car market is what makes people turn to it for buying a vehicle of their own choice.

There are certain points that you should bear in mind when it comes to buying second handcars. You have to make a lot of checks and validations on your own before buying a used car. Most used cars in India are sold “as is” or whatever is the quality of the car, it will be sold in that way without any repairs or fixes. Therefore, after buying the car and driving it for a month, if you notice any faults with the car then you cannot hold the seller responsible. To be on the safe side, you should make all possible verifications before buying a car.

Used Cars

There are 5 kinds of used cars that you should not buy under any circumstances. These kinds of cars have been discussed below:

  1. If the car has been involved in an accident – A lot of people do commit accidents while driving a car. Accidents tend to damages cars in too many ways to keep track of. Even if the car has been repaired completely and there is no fault with it, still you should steer clear of such a vehicle because you never know whether a problem will come up in future. Most mechanics understand when they are dealing with a car that has been involved in an accident and they start charging exorbitant amounts at that time. Also, when you want to sell off such a car, most car dealers and individual owners would not want it because it has been involved in an accident. In fact, certified used car dealerships would not even check a car if they get to know that a car has been in an accident. Therefore, under no circumstance should you think of buying a car that has been involved in an accident.
  2. A car whose papers are not in order – No matter how much you love the car, there is no point purchasing it if the papers are not in order. A car’s papers have to be in place in order to transfer the ownership from the previous owner to you. The Blue Book, Pollution Clearance Certificate, Battery Warranty, Insurance and Road Tax Papers, Municipality Certificate (if required), Form 35 and No Objection Certificate (in case the car was bought with finance) must be there. If even one of the documents is missing, then you should back out from buying the car as you would have a lot of trouble in getting the ownership of the car transferred to your name.
  3. A car which has been certified by a local dealer and not a certified used car brand – A lot of dealers do take up a franchise of certified used car dealers such as True Value or Toyota UTrust but they do not offer the certificates from the car brand and instead issue their own certificates. This is a kind of embezzlement on the part of the dealer and you will not be getting a car which has been properly inspected or covered under the warranty of the car brand. You would also be missing out on the free service sessions that your car was entitled to. The whole exercise of opting for a certified used car seller would be self-defeating. Therefore, you should thoroughly check the certification that you are receiving for the car that you intend to buy.
  4. A car which is no more in production – There are many car models such as the Ford Ikon, Maruti 800, Toyota Qualis, Honda Civic and Accord etc. which are no more in production. Finding spare parts for these cars when you get to repair them in case of damage would be very difficult. You would have to make do with local parts which have no guarantee on them. Also, getting them serviced would be expensive as the parts would have to be sourced from only certain distributors. Moreover, when you try to sell the car, you would have to settle for a lower price as other buyers would not show interest in a car which is outdated.
  5. A car which is difficult to be serviced – There are quite a few car brands whose servicing network is not very refined in the country. There are only limited service centres of these companies across India and hence getting the car serviced would take a long time. Moreover, you might have to take the car really far from your home to get it serviced. Therefore, it would be best that you do not opt for such brands. It is always safest to buy cars from these following brands- Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Ford and M&M. Steer clear from brands such as Chevrolet and Fiat because they have limited service centres in India and getting your car serviced could be quite harassing especially if you do not live in an urban area.

By avoid these 5 used cars types in India you can save yourself from a losing deal. It is always best to buy cars from a brand which is still in circulation. Buying a model which is much demanded by the public and is available widely will help you cut a reasonable deal. You would also realize a good amount when you try to sell the car after using it extensively.


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