10 Most Expensive Used Cars in Mumbai

India is now home to some of the most expensive and exquisite cars ever witnessed. Older symbols of luxury are being phased out by newer ones. However, there is no shortfall of buyers despite the economic slowdown and other factors. What is most astounding is that luxury car makers are actually selling well in used car markets. Why is this so? When it comes to used cars in India, experts feel that luxury cars actually represent a new trend of sorts. What is this trend?

People in India have more disposable incomes than ever and this is fuelling their aspirations. Alongside, it has been witnessed that this growing class of people ardently desire ownership of cars with a luxury badge and brand value above else. Buying and selling of used luxury cars allows them the chance to indulge their passions albeit at a much lower price than usual. This is fuelling the crazy demand for used cars and nowhere is this more visible than in Mumbai. Mumbai has always been home to the rich and famous of the country and their glittering car collections. Mumbai roads have always witnessed multiple attractive models sauntering past and there is huge variety on offer for those who are luxury car connoisseurs.

Have you been refraining from buying a used SUV in India owing to price related apprehensions? You better let go once you see this list. This list contains the most expensive used cars available in Mumbai from time to time. This list actually represents some of the most expensive cars available in India which still hold onto their value somewhat even after being put up for sale.

Mercedes Benz Maybach:

Mercedes Benz MaybachHave you been ardently seeking a used Mercedes in Mumbai? The Maybach may be the most expensive used car available in Mumbai sometimes. This is one exclusive car and symbolizes luxury and success like no other vehicle. There are two versions available, namely the 57 and 62 and the car comes with almost any equipment you can think of. Personalization and customization can be done in more than two million ways as per the requirements of customers. Prices for new models hover around the INR 5.5 crore mark and you can well imagine the prices of used models.

Bentley Azure:

Bently AzureThis is another car that has been popular with Mumbai’s rich and famous and this two seater coupe can rarely be seen on the used car market. However, with prices ranging between INR 2.5 crores to 3 crores, this well qualifies to be a really expensive buy when it comes to used cars. This car has every luxury imaginable and a top speed of approximately 317 kilometers per hour. The 5.9 liter engine and six speed automatic gearbox ensure seamless driving experiences.

Rolls Royce Phantom:

Rolls Royce PhantomThis is another luxury car that definitely deserves to make it to the list of most expensive used cars in Mumbai. With prices ranging between INR 2.5 crores to INR 3 crores, the Rolls comes with more features and punch than you can imagine. This creates an awe inspiring impression on roads and stands out for its huge size and build. This car dishes out an awesome 453 BHP of power and possesses a 6.75 liter V-12 engine.

Lamborghini Murcielago:

Lamborghini MurcielagoThis is one of those few iconic cars that are insanely expensive to own. This car commands a price of INR 2 crores plus in the used car market when it is rarely put up for sale by high profile owners. This comes with a top speed of 340 kilometers per hour and has a peak power figure of 631 BHP which is astonishing indeed! It can tough the 100 kilometers per hour mark in just 3.4 seconds, an amazing statistic in itself!

Bentley Arnage:

Bentley ArnageThe proliferation of Bentleys in the used car market stand testament to Mumbai’s new found love for these cars. This is one of the fastest vehicles in the country with top speed standing at 250 kilometers per hour. This comes with a 6.7 liter engine that dishes out 400 BHP of power in addition to a 4 speed automatic transmission system. Indian markets only have the rear wheel drive model and prices for this range between INR 1.5 to 2 crores on an average.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur:

Bentley Continental Flying SpurYet another Bentley on the list which is really expensive in Mumbai’s used car market at anything between INR 1.5 to 2 crores. This represents one step up for luxury sedan users and comes with four wheel drive, 6 speed automatic transmission and a maximum speed of 32 kilometers per hour. This is an exclusive car to own and definitely has a prominent presence in the wish lists of prospective used luxury car buyers.

Porsche Carrera GT:

Porsche Carrera GTThis is one of the few sports cars that are sometimes available in used car markets in Mumbai. This has an iconic design and is super fast with a top speed of 330 kilometers per hour. This hits the 100 kmph mark in less than four seconds and the V-10 603 HP ensures brutal performance. This is only available in Mumbai and Delhi and definitely counts as a fabulous used car buy.

Mercedes S Class:

Mercedes S ClassThis is the pinnacle of luxury in India and the three star badge still commands attention in India. This saloon car comes with a V6 petrol engine which produces 272 BHP of power in addition to a seven speed automatic transmission system. Prices between INR 60 lakhs to INR 70 lakhs on an average and can be lower depending on the model in question. This is one of the best luxury buys in the Mumbai market.

BMW 7 series:

BMW 7 seriesThis is a prominent buy if you are in the market for a used BMW. This offers performance and luxury in an irresistible package with ample safety features thrown into the mix. The 7 series comes with ample petrol and diesel options and this is coupled with an automatic six speed transmission system which is a standard feature for all variants. With prices ranging between INR 60 lakhs and going up to upwards of INR 70 lakhs depending on the age of the car, this is a very expensive buy in the used car market in Mumbai.

Audi A8:

Audi A8Easily Audi’s best and most recognizable car, this is a competitor to the Mercedes Benz S Class and comes with three variants. This attractive car comes at prices between INR 55 lakhs and INR 65 lakhs and is another expensive purchase if you are looking buying a used luxury car in Mumbai.


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