The LG G3 vs the HTC One M8

The LG G3 vs the HTC One M8

Even though the flagship G3 by LG has entered the market last of all, it is the one with most of the bells and whistles. It has the first QHD screen with 2560X1440 resolutions from a big market player along with the unmatched autofocus laser system. However, is it a match for the HTC One M8 with Duo Camera and premium chassis?

The LG is a very popular phone, even in the used mobile phone market. The G3 is built on LG’s signature style of high body to screen ratio. The screen size of 5.5 inches fits seamlessly in a body of 5.2 inches only! The One M8 has a 5” screen which looks narrow and long. It is more ergonomic compared to the broad G3. A characteristic and bold metal design to the HTC has been made which is hard to be mistaken. The built is quite solid and bulkier than G3. The One M8 has a single body made of aluminium whereas the G3’s back is removable and hence you can change the battery when you require it.

The polished aluminium frame makes the One M8 a little slippery to hold on to. However, the back cover of the LG phone is made of mostly plastic with a bit of metal layer added. It is quite slippery as well, but not as much as the HTC phone.

HTC has placed the lock key on top which requires you to stretch your fingers to the top of the phone while the G3 has placed the lock key at the back along with the volume button, much like the G2. Therefore, the G3 may be a little difficult to manage with one hand because of the wider built. However, the design is more supple and the display unit, larger, compared to the One M8. The HTC phone, however, has a dual speaker set in the front which is not there in the G3.

Display Unit
The LCD IPS display of One M8 and G3 are not the best ones in terms of colour representation but they are not the worst either. The basic colours on the G3 screen are a little off the base and more towards the oversaturated end, particularly the red colour. The same problem is there with the HTC One M8 with the green colour. However, the G3 has done a better job of colour representation. The results are standard enough and near the benchmark of 6500K at the white point, the G3 scoring 7357K and the M8 scoring 7128K. Hence, the screen does not appear very cold.

The outdoor visibility on the G3 is not as good as the One M8, as the peak brightness setting is only 376 nits, compared to the HTC of 490 nits. The writing on the screen under sunlight is quite legible on the G3, although it is not as smooth as the One M8. The viewing angles on both the gadgets are par excellence.

User Interface
Both the phones come with the Android KitKat 4.4 but each of the makers have plastered their own looks and functions on the phone. The LG has used its Optimus user interface and quite judiciously. The custom user interface is much toned down and has more standard colours and a flatter design even though the response is a little slot at times. LG G3 has some unique features such as Qslide floating applications, Knock Code and Dual Windows Mode, which is quite useful on a handset with big screen. The screen is divided into two halves and two applications can be run side by side. The G3 shows LG’s own spin on social network and news aggregator known as Smart Bulletin, a concept similar to My Magazine on Samsung. The Optimus user interface is colour coded and hence when the turquoise blue or light blue light is observed, then you know that you are working on the general interface. However, then the violet colour appears on menu strip, and then you have moved into the music player mode.

Because of the narrow body, typing using the on screen keyboard is easier on the HTC One M8 using one hand, because of the narrower body. However, LG has an amply flexible keyboard whose buttons may be adjusted according to width, height and spacing in order to fit the size of your individual fingertips better. Also, the keyboard can be shifted right or left for easier typing with your thumbs.

In terms of representation of colour, the photos clicked on the G3 are quite inaccurate as the colours appear a little saturated compared to what they are in real life. Also, there is a yellow, warm covering on them. Comparatively, the One M8 produces worse pictures and casts a very warm or cold colors in the scene when compared to the actual scene. Unsurprisingly the G3’s camera of 13 megapixels is better than the 4MP primary camera of the HTC because it manages to capture a lot of detail.

The camera on the G3 picks a very slot shutter speed indoors, which permits users to click photographs without using the flash. However, it may produce blurry images in case of a hand shake. Apart from that, most of the colours look natural and not much noise is noticed in the photographs. The LED flash in the camera is capable of illuminating up to a distance of 5 feet almost. In comparison, the M8’s photographs have their colours a little washed out and the details are also soft.

A 2.1 megapixel secondary camera has been installed in the G3. The One M8 is perhaps the only phone which has a more powerful front camera than the rear. The front camera of 5MP has a wide viewing angle and it clicks selfies which are high in quality, compared to the G3.

To Conclude
In almost every which way, the G3 appears to be better. However, the One M8 is not much behind. A larger screen size with high ppi has been fitted on the G3 while legibility under the sun is better on the One M8. Even though a screen size of 5.5 inches has been placed in a very compact frame, the aluminium premium unibody of the HTC phone can be easily operated using a single hand. The G3 may have a slightly faster processor and 3GB RAM, but it does not feel faster than the One M8 in daily operations. You can get the G3 or One M8 in the used mobiles in Trivandrum market.


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