Comparing between iOS and Android OS

Smart phones are one of the most important devices of today’s time and the two biggest players in terms of operating systems are the iOS and Android. Both the software was launched around 6-7 years ago. The iOS is developed and distributed by Apple whereas Google holds the reins on Android. The primitive Android phones came without virtual keyboards or multi touch capacity or app store. In 2008, the OS was released through the T Mobile G 1 smartphone which has now been upgraded to its 8th edition.

iOS was launched in 2007 and the main features that it bore were access to Google Maps, a keyboard on screen and home button. It was hugely successful as the first smartphone. iOS is a closed source operating system, i.e. Apple is the sole user of the software and it is available only on Apple products such as MacBook, iPad, iPod touch. Android, however, is open source software and can be used on any device of any make. Both the systems have come a long way since their inception although it is difficult to comment which is the better one. Each of them has different features and benefits and is available in an affordable package.
iOS vs Android
Apple iOS
Apple is a very successful company when it comes to electronic gadgets because each of them outsells the predecessor. Apple introduced its first touch screen smartphone in 2007 and since then the cell phone industry was revolutionized. The company set a standard for other devices that are hard to reach. Even though the iOS was first launched with the iPhones, but they are now available on the iPods and iPads as well. The software is well customized and easy to use.

Here is a short glimpse of how Apple evolved its software with the iOS 4 and 5.

The iOS 4 introduced multitasking in iPhones where background applications could not be run but notifications from them could be received. The phones were enabled with Retina display and you could access threaded emails and video chat from it. A game centre was launched which would allow you to put all your games under one icon. You could watch television on the iOS 4. The iTunes Pink app allowed social networking particularly meant for music. Also, the phones were enabled with 3G hook ups which allowed them to become hotspots for devices enabled with Wi-Fi.

The iOS 5 was certainly an improvement over the iOS 4. It had an interactive and enhanced voice control application called Siri and the device could be activated minus a PC. A notification centre was introduced in the drop down menu for organizing actions on applications. Moreover, the phone could be synced with iTunes and connect to other Apple devices via iCloud. The operating system was further improved via an update.

These salient features of the iOS made Apple one of the most popular operating systems today. The features such as Siri and possibility of turning the iPhone into a hotspot were perhaps the main contributors to the iOS popularity.

The iOS 6 shall be released soon enough and it will have integrations with Facebook, enhancements with Siri, including an Apple maps by dropping Google maps and changing the notification centre. The changes in Siri include the capacity of Siri for asking specific information lie reservations, sort information such as player stats and scores and even receive reviews from popular review websites. Via Facebook integration, users can allow their Facebook account to interact with the notification centre and Siri for providing a user with information. The decision to remove Google maps may be due to the litigation between Samsung and Apple.

The latest smartphone available in the market with iOS is the iPhone 5S, although there are rumors of an iPhone 6 hitting the market soon enough.

Android Operating System
The Android operating system powered by Google is the globally popular platform for tablets and smartphones. The Open Handset Alliance or OHA is the reason behind this massive popularity. It ensures that companies like HTC, Google, Dell, Sony, LG, Samsung, Motorola and T-Mobile etc. This alliance is one of the reasons why the companies released their smartphones with this operating system. The number of smartphone devices on offer is wide and because of the high competition, the cost of Android powered devices is much lesser than the iOS products.

The popular devices that make use of Android OS are the Samsung Galaxy Phones, The Sony Xperia series, the Motorola Droid series and the Thunderbolt LTE HTC smartphone. Currently, most phones use the Android Jellybean although a latest version, the Android KitKat has been made available and there are several phones such as the Moto G and Moto E which use this phone. With the Jelly Bean, you can share photographs quite easily over social networking websites and also swipe to perform actions.

Here are some pieces of information about Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich

Usage of Data Analysis- It shows the amount of data used up based on user filters.

Android Jelly Bean: Two android phones can simply be touched for sharing information.
The Android Jellybean came as an update to the ICS platform.

In the Jellybean system, widgets may be resized for fitting them into a single window. Moreover, you can predict text on the Jelly bean for finishing textual messages and you can also use texts for streamlining the typing process at the time of sending a text or searching for something.

When you are considering buying a used iPhone or other Android phone, there is a lot to consider. You may want different features on your phone and hence taking the advice of a single individual won’t be much useful. The ones who are non-savvy about computers and want a user friendly interface would prefer the Apple device. However, this also limits the kind of apps and customization that you would want for your used iPhone. The user friendliness is done away with in the Android system because a user may control file systems. This control over the file system makes computer enthusiasts take to it.


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