First Impression of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro101

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For appreciating the latest tablet from the house of Microsoft, you must acknowledge the idea that a single device can perform all functions. The Surface Pro 3 can be used as a tablet at the time of reading e-books or watching movies and videos. It could be converted into a proper laptop when you require getting done serious work. The tablet manages to deliver both even though it fails to meet the standards being claimed by Microsoft without compromising its performance on either aspect.

The Surface Pro 3 utilizes a complete version of the Windows 8, the latest system launched by Microsoft, which is now available on laptops and desktop computers. Therefore, unlike other tablets available in the market, it can perform tasks that a traditional windows software is expected to perform such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office and much more.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 uses a tough screen much like numerous other tablets, although it has a cover as an option that can be opened up to reveal a touchpad and physical keyboard. The tablet has got its own USB jack and another one for the external displays, which are both, quite rare on tablets.

The price of the tablet matches those of laptops. Even though the starting price of the device is $799, to get the keyboard cover, you would have to pay $130 more. Since the tablet aims to replace a laptop, you might want extended memory and better processors. If you include the keyboard, then your configurations may go as high as $2,079 while the one without the keyboard will cost you $1,949. When compared to the laptops, you can get the MacBook Air for only $1,749 although you would have to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a tablet.

On 20th June, mid-range configurations for the tablet shall be launched while the rest would be made available by late summer. Microsoft has already started accepting pre booking orders.

The previous Surface Pro tablet had a kickstand which could be propped up in two positions- for the lap and for the desk. The newer design gives you a variety of angles which is similar to adjusting the laptop screen into any position on its hinges. This feature is particularly helpful when you want to get the glare from lights overhead reduced.

The MacBook unsurprisingly does that while you are holding the device in one hand! When you try the same thing with your Surface Pro 3, the screen or keyboard starts swaying back and forth, akin to a swing! However, the MacBook has not been designed in a way to be used on a bus or crowded subway. Moreover, you cannot watch videos on it while in bed. Therefore, the Surface trumps the MacBook in those situations without the keyboard. Among Apple’s products, the iPad can be used for such purposes and it provides access to several applications that are specifically meant for tablets that are not available on Windows or Android even!

The Windows tablets, including the Surface Pro 3 have the advantage of being capable of running multiple applications simultaneously, which is a missing feature on the iPad, especially when you want to Facebook while watching a video or sending an email. Compared to the iPad’s 9.7 inches, the Surface Pro 3 has a bigger screen which measures 12 inches diagonally. The Surface Pro 3 includes a stylus in its package which is much like an actual pen. By clicking on it, you can arrive at the Microsoft OneNote application, which can be used for doodling or writing notes, quite similar to what you will be doing on a legal paper pad. The sensitivity of the screen is high enough to predict if you are tapping hard or lightly and produces texts which are adjusted accordingly, much like actual paper.

A factor that can annoy you is that the pen does not use a rechargeable battery. The stylus uses the newly made available AAAA size battery along with 2 coin cell batteries that are used in wrist watches. For replacing the coin batteries, a small screwdriver is needed, which is unfortunately not included in the package.

This latest Microsoft tablet model deviates from other tablets, including its predecessor versions by adapting a screen size ratio of 3:2. For widescreen TV, most tablets use the 16:9 aspect ratios. The Apple iPad utilizes the 4:3 ratios which are mostly used in normal digital photos and old TV shows. Therefore, you might get a lot of empty space when you are watching a video of aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9. It might be on or another on other tablet models, although the space waster is more when you use it. The company has commented that the ratio of 3:2 is a sweet spot which covers all types of video content. It is also good for viewing photographs from a DSLR or Digital Single Reflex Camera.

More than the screen ratios, before buying this tablet you need to consider whether you at all require such a gadget which does it all. There are numerous professions which do not require you to sit at desks throughout the day such as teaching, retail and health care, among others. Buying a hybrid device does can be quite sensible in that case.

However, despite being in such a profession, some people prefer to use a smaller tablet or e-reader like the Kindle while reading PDFs and e-books on a bus or train. When they want to write something or edit photos, they might prefer to use a laptop that has a larger screen. For watching videos, many people prefer to attach a streaming device to a large screen television.

The Surface Pro 3 is a handy device for those wanting one for all purposes. However, it has its trade-offs without considering Microsoft’s claims that it does not. The Surface Pro 3 is yet to be launched in India. Considering the price that is being charged in the US and other countries where it has been launched, the device may be launched for more than Rs 65,000.


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