Reviewing the BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R

The S1000RR, a bike focused on tracks was launched by BMW in 2009 which uplifted motorcycling supersport to a new level in the world. Following in the footsteps of the success story that the S1000RR is, BMW has decided to make a naked version of the bike which offer good performance with ergonomics being a part of this same package. Not only are BMW cars much coveted, but also their bikes are loved too. They are one of the biggest sellers in the used bikes in Bangalore market.

The S1000R has the same kind of engine powering the RR i.e. a 999cc, 4 stroke, oil/liquid cooled, 4 cylinder in line engine. However, depending on the roles both bikes are supposed to play, the torque figures and peak power delivery have been modified. The maximum power offered is 160bhp at 11000 revolutions per minute which is almost 33bhp lesser than S1000RR. The peak torque is displayed at 9250 revolutions per minute, and the amount if 11.4kgm, which is almost 500 revolutions, lower than the S1000RR. The modifications have been made because the S1000R is a street naked bike.

By paying up Rs 22.83 lakhs, you can own the S1000R and it comes in 3 colours- blue, red and white. Depending on the colour chosen and availability of the bike, the waiting time may be between a week to a month.

A quintessential BMW bike of modern times, the S1000R depends on cutting edge, angular design theme. The quality over all and finishing are astounding, which is what is expected of the world class German automobile maker.

The S1000R’s front part shows a set of asymmetric and unique headlights. The well laid-out yet traditional instruments have a white background analogue tachometer which looks sporty. The digital meter shows the speed, lap times, gear shifting beacon along with other settings for performance apart from the basics.

The motorbike comes with adjustable and reachable control levers which are beautifully shaped, high quality mirrors and switches and everything that is easily operational and simple intuitively for understanding. The fuel tank is compact and there are panels that go down enough for covering the exposed frame sections. Slats in the shape of gills on minimal shrouds better the bike’s visual appeal overall. Towards the back, there is an LED tail lamp which is there in the S1000RR also.

BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R

The 999cc, liquid cooled, 4 strokes, fuel injected that has revised camshafts engine is based on the S1000RR engine. The engine has a fine tuned exhaust and altered system of fuel injection. As it is a street naked bike, the engine has been fine tuned to produce, 160bhp power at 11000rpm, which is much lesser than the RR. Even the peak torque developed is done so at 500rpms less than the RR. The modifications make the bike a fast and capable motorcycle that has the potential to provide stellar performance. The bike needs a careful hand on the throttle for preventing the front part from pawing upwards. The bike is powered seamlessly towards the horizon when the gas is pressed hard in the first 3 gears. The bike reaches a pretty high speed quickly. The bike revs in effortlessly towards its limited rev through its punchy and wide engine. You will feel the power just after you ignite the engine and will move over one wave of performance over the other to reach the peak.

The exhaust has been painted shiny for a spectacular look and it sounds good as the bike powers through its four stroke inline engine in the revolutions range. The exhaust does not produce much noise even when the bike is being decelerated. Even though riding the bike is exciting at its limits, it is also quite versatile and easy to live with. It produces good performance at both low and high speeds. The clutch and gearbox seem perfect. The gearbox can be shifting quickly and makes flicking through the 6 ratios as smooth as butter without shutting out the throttle a lit even or clutch appreciation. The throttle response is aggressive and sharp even when you are riding the bike outside its dynamic pro mode. There are three more soft modes which are available for improved usability, such as rainy days. These modes cap the power at 136bhp. The high end S1000R has been loaded with good electronics such as traction control, riding aids and ABS. They help you take command over the bike even when the riding conditions are not ideal.

The S1000R has a twin spar chassis made of aluminium which is similar to the S1000RR although it has been modified to suit this biked riding ergonomics and sportiness. The bike has flat set handlebars and lot of legroom despite the back footrest sets. The electric, semi active suspension which has 3 settings for a easy, medium and hard is a highlight of the bike.

The ride quality is very firm even when you are riding it at its top speed. The soft suspension mode is sporty enough for complementing the bike’s high dynamic capacities. The bike steers and handles with precision and a taught and light turn in provide a grounded feeling around the corner.

BMW S1000R

The kerb weight is only 207 kilos which is light for the class. The well fabricated chassis helps the motorcycle feel very agile and light all the time. The caliper front disc brakes are 320mm in diameter, radially mounted with 4 pistons are supported by another set of 220mm disc brakes at the back. The ABS works like magic while the brakes function in tandem for providing very solid performance that reassures the feeling at the level. High quality tyres have been fitted at the back and front and the bike grips the road even when it is made to reach its limit. The capabilities of the bike to corner are good and much in line with top new and used bikes in Bangalore.

Undoubtedly, the S1000R is the best street naked litre class motorcycle available in India and it has a strong case going for it against the Kawasaki Z1000. However, it is not the best value for money because the price is too much to be afforded by non-elites. It will remain as a bike that people aspire for! It may be some time before the bike is available in the pre-owned market, which is why you should go for the S1000RR in the used bikes in Bangalore market.


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