Successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo Unveiled

Lamborghini has come up with the replacement model for its stupendously successful Gallardo. Since its predecessor was so successful, the new Huracan has some tough reputation to live up to.

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan

Design of the Car

The car has a completely different design with a new chassis structure, controlling electronics with suspension, a revised engine with new steering and most significantly the new dual clutch, seven-speed gearbox that replaces the Gallardo’s robotised manual. A new cabin and a four wheel drive system have been included too. The car is a completely new one even if it does not look radically different from the Gallardo.

The Huracan utilizes RTM carbonfibre for the central tunnel, rear bulkhead and the back part of the sills. The frame is made of aluminium from the back of the rear bulk head, much like the McLaren 650S and 458. Aluminium has been used from the base of the windscreen towards the front while the body panel is made of aluminium too. It makes the chassis 50 percent more rugged than that of the Gallardo’s and 10 percent lighter.

Engine used in the Huracan

The Huracan has a 5.2L V10 engine fitted in it which delivers almost 602bhp to all the four wheels on the car using the new double clutcher. The powerful engine translates to the fact that the Huracan can hit 0 to 62mph within 32 secs and 124 mph within 9.9 seconds.

The torque curve is not less than 75 percent of 413 lb ft of V10 from only 1000rpm. Without turbo, low end torque can be achieved. The car weighs around 1422kg and can deliver power to weight of roughly 423bhp per ton, much more than the McLaren 458 378 bhp per ton.

Looks of the CarLamborghini Huracan

When the Gallardo was in production, there were almost 40 different versions. The Huracan might not look imposing and awe inspiring in pictures but it is very striking without being too loud. However, it will probably be modified much as time passes by.

Interiors of the Car

When you get into the driver’s seat, you feel an effective, familiar work of aggressive lines. The Audi underpinnings might have stolen some Italian originality from the Lamborghini however the interior exudes a charm which was beyond the Sant’ Agata.

A completely new TFT screen has been installed that can be configured to the speedometer, navigation or tachometer. The number of buttons in the interior has been reduced. The wipers and indicators button have all been placed on the steering wheel. Placed on the bottom of the wheel is a button called Anima. When translated, it means soul and it has three settings- Corsa, Sport and Strada.

The magnetorheological dampers’ parameters are altered by these along with those of the traction and steering settings. The Sport and Strada mode makes the V10 bang and pop much on the over-run.

Visibility via the rear view mirror doesn’t exist almost but it can be bettered with the optioning of the glass rear deck. This puts the V10 on full display along with improving your view.

Driving a car such as a Lamborghini should feel like an enjoyable event and Huracan lives up to the expectation. Push the “missile arm” red coloured toggle forward to disclose the stop/start button, and press to send the car into life. The sound is a welcome one and will make you feel enthused towards driving the car.

The Drive

None of Lamborghini’s trademark driving styles has been done away with in the Huracan. The V10 is a wonder to drive and can hit up to 8500 rpm without any glitch.

The suspension is supple which makes you drive hard on the road at higher speeds. The response of the gear box is instantaneous and much advanced compared to the thunky transmission of the Gallardo. Lamborghini says that the stability system utilized is that which is used in complex fighter jets and it acts as a deadly combination with three gyros and accelerometers.

The chassis capabilities of the Huracan can be dug into because there is a 4WD in place. If you move into a corner very deep, then the front half would be washed wide. However, once you counter it on the throttle, the car’s note moves back in line as the 4 wheel driving system balanced torque between front and back, thereby dragging you from the bend and into the next zone of brake. The brakes are made of carbon ceramic which are very strong and haul the Huracan from triple digit speed down in no time.

This particular model has the new active electric steering that changes the rate depending upon the setting in the Anima. Minor adjustments can be made to the angle of steering at the limit if needed. This active element does not cause obtrusion and more most of the time drivers of the car will be aware of lightness to the steering, no matter what type of driving it is.

The Huracan is a big leap from its predecessor, the Gallardo. It is a car that definitely encourages you to explore its features and awes you throughout the process. It is certainly the car for those who would want a bit of excitement with the safety net in place.

On Road Performance 

The performance of the Huracan on road is the same as that it would be on a racing track. It can move along at low revolutions in the seventh even when it is moving down a steep slope. The surety and speed is hardly matched by any other car.

The suppleness of the ride along with the grip that serves through traction system and the 4WD can make this the supercar that most people would want to buy. However, the indicator buttons on the steering wheel can be annoying and fiddly. The car is yet to be tested on damp roads but given the braking system and super smooth gear box, there is hardly any doubt that the performance of the car will be just as good as it is on a mountainous road, city road or racing track.


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