Ssangyong’s New Rexton RX6

Ssangyong, a South Korean company, was founded in the year 1954. It had been internationally famous for manufacturing taxis, passenger jeeps, dump trailers and snow plough. The name of the company was Ssangyong Motor Co. Ltd, back in 1988.

The company started to gain name in the early 1990s for the SsangyongKorando sports jeep that got the first place in the smacking Kypros Rally. Mercedes then decided to make a deal with this company and it stepped into modern diesel technologies, distribution and management in manufacture.

Ssangyong Motors soon gained name after tying up with Mercedes and started to produce MUSSO, a SUV (4X4) IN 1933. The luxurious CHAIRMAN sedan was introduced in 1997 which made way to the shores of Australia in the year 2005. Ssangyong was freed from the Daewoo Group by the year 2002 with the help from Mercedes Benz technology of engine.

Finally, in 2010, Mahindra and Mahindra brought forward a lot of money as an investment into the Ssangyong business. Mahindra is one of the biggest of Indian Organization with a yearly turn-over of more than US $15 Billion. This investment eventually has led to huge growth in just a short span of time. The investment was mainly done for development and research purpose that has resulted into smart products at a very rational value.

The job of Ssangyong was to take care of performance, styling and up-bring the technical excellence of the motor car. Thus motorists all over the world have seriously liked and will keep on enjoying the terrific performance given by Ssangyong products.

The Fortuner is considered a difficult hurdle to get through. The Toyota dealership had been flooding since the introduction of Fortuner, strutting bumper sale. There was a time when production of Fortuner was less than the demand. But is was not a favourite vehicle and was only an able off-roader which was to run on road. The interior was more like that of the Innova and the ride was also quite uneven and not upto the expectations.

Still Fortuner was successful in all aspects and didn’t let any of the contemporary SUV to hit the market during its presence. Ssangyong made a humble effort with its Rexton but got no close to it. Now they have introduced another Rexton, a better variant of the previous Rexton, with the sole motive to out do Fortuner.

Ssangyong Rexton RX6

Ssangyong Rexton RX6

The Rexton was available in only two categories- a base specie which barely had any feature apart from a physical gear-box and the top-end variant which had an auto box for the creature comfort. The new upcoming variant is likely to have both the manual gear-box and the salient features. The price will not go far beyond the shores but the buyer might have to compromise with the creature comforts.

The creature comforts attain its power from an electrically-adaptable driver seat, auto-lights and wipers, leather upholstery, touch-screen display and what not. In spite of all these features, there is room for a person to relax comfortably within the cabin. There is a possibility of travelling along with a lot of people as well. The car is a seven-seater SUV where the last row of seats can be comfortable only for children.

From the mechanical point of view, the fuel content is all the same in this 2.7 litre penta-cylinder motor that the previous model Mercedes ML-Class also had. The RX6 blends about 340Nm and 162bhp of torque while the RX7 has 402Nm and 184bhp. The engine of the RX6 is quite dependable although it has got many previous and old technologies. The same engine was used in Mercedes back in the 2000s.

Formerly, there were several drawbacks until it was kicked by the blower at 2000 revs. The performance was mainly visible when 162 horses all came into power at once with net force. The power loss was indicated quite early at 4000rpm. Therefore it was concluded that the fuel could be used to trick around only for a short span of power range.

The engine is quite noisy as the sensations on the penta pot are
sieved through in the cabin quite casually. This specially happens in the higher rev range.

The manual gearbox of five speedsand is very useful and easy to use. The ratio is although tolled to a limit of just five still they are bound together pretty well. The shifts are not very enlarged and the quality of shift is acceptable as well.

Rexton is a very heavy SUV that weighs around 2.7 ton but still is very smart on its foot when aimed to run at 100kph. The car takes just 12.33 seconds to attain 100kph. It’s passable, when compared to the huge stature of the car. It has an old engine which just 9.1kpl in city roads while 11.8kpl from open highways.

The Rexton cannot be easily handled as the weight happens to be the biggest disaster when coupled along with a soft suspension setup which in turn leads to severe body rolls.

The steering is very light and makes noise if it is hardly pushed around the corners. The ride can be quite bumpy when the SUV is not in high speed but with proper speed its performance enhances. Stability at high speed is a good sign indeed. The car seems quite composed even when it is running at a speed of 180kph.

Ssangyong Rexton RX6

Ssangyong Rexton RX6

The Rexton is featured with a four wheeled system which can be transferred in long range. Even after having off-road equipments it does not show great performance with the end of the asphalt. Thus its weight is again playing the major role in a disaster here. The engine tries hard to get off the complicated situations.

The price of Rexton is still not disclosed but it can be estimated at around Rs. 10 lakh lesser when compared to the higher range prices of around Rs. 20 lakh, ex-showroom at Mumbai. So it has chances to outrage the Fortuner and enshroud its market. The Rexton has a smooth and effective gearbox.Laden with specific features and an even gearbox, the Rexton is all set to put Toyota in tension but the only spoil play is the frugal engine.


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