Two Gems that You Might Never Have Heard of!

Many of us have not heard of some top notch smartphone companies that do provide fabulous products at greater prices. Xiaomi is one such smartphone company that you might not have heard of before. However, this is one Chinese smartphone company that could well be the next big thing in the global smartphone market. The company’s bid for glory in the smartphone market is being backed by Hugo Barra who left his vice president, Android position at Google to take on this greater cause. The Xiaomi Redmi is a special and different smartphone as this is one of the best budget buys brought out from China so far. This smartphone has been announced exclusively for the United Kingdom and Xiaomi should be going global pretty soon.

Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi Redmi

This smartphone will possess loads of plastic, being a budget Android smartphone. There is no use of metal or chrome on the lines of stylish smartphones from HTC or Samsung. Then again, weight is kept low owing to the plastic and solid build quality is another USP for this affordable smartphone. The smartphone covers can be changed as per your mood and come in glossy and matte options. There is multiple color options made available as well. The display is quite nice as well and the 4.7 inch display is only a little bigger than the 4.5 inches on the Moto G. Display resolution is kept at 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 312 ppi is a little lower than the Moto G’s 326 ppi which is similar to the iPhone 5. However, the display offers easy and comfortable viewing with no major deterrents witnessed in this regard.

The Redmi proves its capabilities when movies are watched on the 720p IPS display and viewing angles are very good indeed and this is one of the strongest points about this device. You can legibly view both images and text even when you place the smartphone right under direct sunlight. Alongside, it matches up quite capably to the OLED display units that we have witnessed very recently. Black depth is the only aspect that is lacking on the Redmi display manufactured by Sharp. However, at the reasonable price point, this does not quite become a huge compromise. Imaging is another area where the Redmi excels in a manner of speaking. The camera of 8 megapixels does a good job and autofocus and other features are plus points. HDR enhancements are another handy feature for shutterbugs.

The camera is not as decent as the Apple iPhone 5S or even the 1020 Lumia from Nokia. However, it is decent enough for basic image capturing and in good lighting. Low light photography will be a disappointment however. The QR code reader integrated into the camera app also deserves special mention. In a nutshell, the Xiaomi Redmi is one of the most decent and affordable smartphones to hit markets globally. One expects it to be available in India as well quite soon. This is surely one gem that you have never heard of and one that could well be worth trying!

Another manufacturer that most people do not know about is Oppo from China. Another Chinese smartphone maker, this company has been unveiling bold smartphones based on the Android platform without paying any heed to convention and traditional limitations. The N1 phablet of 5.9 inches may just be a perfect product to hit global markets and feels different from all other smartphones available presently. This smartphone comes entirely in white and there is a touch sensitive back panel. You get two versions of Android to choose from as well. Alongside, the company is also selling a CyanogenMod limited edition smartphone that comes with Google approval and certification. Oppo has also made this smartphone come with full high definition attributes, a 13 megapixel camera and Snapdragon internals. However, this is extremely cheap at only 335 pounds as per the global price tag.

Oppo N1

Oppo N1

This is one value for money phablet and might just be the most attractive smartphone of this year. The N1 is huge to say the least with a full 5.9 inches and full high definition attributes. Gorilla Glass is used for this beautiful screen which assures fabulous viewing at all times. Alongside, color quality is superb and 1080p video playback attributes are also present. Pixel density stands at 377 ppi and the screen can be switched on with only a couple of taps. The smartphone weighs 213 grams and this can be a little heavy for regular hand usage. However, the quality of the screen makes up for everything else.

Other top features, as mentioned, include the dual LED flash, the camera of 13 megapixels and the flipping attributes of the top speaker. The retro charm has been brought out to the fullest possible extent by the company. The touch sensitive rectangular portion can be used as an alternate control center for scrolling or swiping. The O-Click accessory is another handy feature and can be used as a camera shutter, attached to the smartphone keys and even work as an alarm for finding your smartphone. Oppo puts in its own Color OS pre-installed on the N1 and this is based on the Android 4.2 with similar customizable attributes and Google Play access. There are other handy features like volume control via swiping and loads of similar functions and themes.

The CyanogenMod system is a special addition and runs similar to any Android OS. Customization options are vast on this system and this is something that has got many smartphone enthusiasts excited with regard to the unlimited and exciting usage possibilities ahead! You can actually customize the smartphone as per your smallest specifications and desires courtesy the CyanogenMod feature. The absence of a multi-window mechanism is a little drawback that some customers will regret. This is another China based smartphone that can well take over the global smartphone and phablet market with its value for money pricing and its impressive and unique features!

Do check out these two gems that you have definitely not heard of before!


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