James 2025 Drives Itself!

The future is right here and it is beckoning us with considerable elan these days. The global automobile industry is in the throes of a huge change, a revolution of sorts. This is mainly because of the insistence of global automakers on creating top notch, futuristic vehicles. Why is this the current trend? People are waking up to environmental, social and other concerns with regard to their daily lives. Cars occupy a pivotal part of our daily lives these days. Most of us aspire to own cars. Owning a car is not such a big thing anymore; owning responsible and efficient cars is. People are looking for more and more efficient ways to revolutionize their lives. Responsible and intelligent cars are one sector which is rapidly changing day by day.

One prominent thing is that people are getting addicted to top notch features and comforts that are energy saving above all else. Futuristic, efficient cars are the name of the game these days and Volkswagen has come up with one of the best concepts we have witnessed in recent times. The James 2025 is one car which should be a path breaking concept of sorts. This is a car which drives itself with elan and is slated to be one of the most exciting car concepts unveiled this year. Volkswagen has taken a giant leap onto the innovation bandwagon with this new vehicle concept, the James 2025. The James 2025 prototype was showcased at the Cebit 2014, the largest technology show in the world held at Hannover, Germany. It earned worldwide appreciation and acclaim along with both critical and industry plaudits from auto enthusiasts and other experts.

The interior prototype was unveiled by Volkswagen, labeled the upcoming car of the future. James 2025 makes use of a virtual cockpit like system which is unique and revolutionary. Under this system, all drivers can virtually relax without worrying about the controls on the car. Alongside, only a few panel buttons need to be pressed for activation of the controls of the car. The automatic driving mode can be activated and enabled with ease and this takes care of the seating position, coding changes for lights, steering wheel functions and drivers can take advantage of a huge central screen. The latter provides details with regard to maneuvers that are planned. There is another screen which possesses a touch pad incorporated on the console. This works well with regard to infotainment and other needs.

James 2025

James 2025

This is one of the most revolutionary and dazzling concepts to have struck the automobile industry in recent times. Automation levels are fabulously high and systems for electronics run fabulously together in the car cockpit. This project should inspire other car makers and companies strongly with regard to creating intelligent electronic and automation systems in modern vehicle cockpits. This should inspire multiple companies, auto enthusiasts and stakeholders with regard to crafting futuristic cars which are doubly intelligent and negate the need for driving. According to Group Chairman at Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, the challenges faced by the company at this juncture span infrastructure development and modernization and legal aspect clarifications. Alongside, he reiterated the need for politicians, IT industry, scientists and other pioneers to join this movement in order to bring it to fruition. According to Winterkorn, everybody will have the benefits of mobility in the future. Consumers will be able to use cars that are doubly intelligent, safe, and comfortable and packed with benefits. Volkswagen aims at empowering every customer with the latest technology and features with a view towards making cars that are more easily adjustable to the needs and wants of customers.

According to Martin Winterkorn, IT should be playing a huge role in crafting future mobility and technology. There is an investment of 3.8 billion Euros into information technology each year by The Volkswagen Group. There are also 9, 300 information technology specialists employed by the Group on a yearly basis. According to the Group Chairman, the future vehicle will become a center for mobile computing. Wiring of 1.5 kilometers is incorporated into every car from Volkswagen’s stable according to Winterkorn. Alongside, more than 50 electronic devices for control have also been installed. This power of computing matches up to twenty of the latest, upgraded computers that can be bought today. All of this builds up to customer friendly cars that should strike a chord with the masses.

This is an age of digitization and cars can interact with the environment in a two way module. This will resolve issues revolving around consumption of fuel and safety at a big level. Martin Winterkorn is emphatic about the growing need for car manufacturers with regard to higher responsibility for customer data protection. According to Winterkorn, the car should only revolve around greater convenience, big data and higher levels of safety and security. There should be self regulation techniques required in the automobile industry. Winterkorn highlighted the commitment of Volkswagen towards heightening industry responsibility and creating cars of the future.

The James 2025 is one of the most exciting developments for the automobile industry. The most important aspect to be highlighted is the modern car cockpit for the future. Technology and cutting edge specs have been fused together to build on a fantastic vision for the future. The James 2025 Volkswagen also emphasized on greater protection measures for data which was backed up by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Winterkorn also laid stress on the fact that the car must not again become a monster for big data or a total data fanatic. He advocates holistic regulations and tie-ups between concerned parties with regard to smoothening out the legal and logistical hurdles that lay ahead towards actualization of this concept.

The James 2025 is slated to be worked upon by the company and Volkswagen is looking at crafting research and innovation very seriously in this domain. This car will be a fabulous futuristic car and will definitely change the lives of almost every type of customer.


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