Hyper car performance just got more drool worthy!

There are super cars and then there are hyper cars! In news that has literally created ripples in the automobile world, Trion Supercars, the automotive technology organization headquartered in California, has announced its decision to come up with a revolutionary 2000 PS hyper car, aptly named the Nemesis. This announcement comes on the heels of the newly unveiled Koenigsegg one: 1 hyper car with 1340 PS of power production. However, this is nothing to the folks at Trion who seem set to raise the bar even higher!

Trion Nemesis 2000 Hypercar-2

Why this new hyper car? The company is keen to take on hyper car brands in Europe who have traditionally dominated the automobile market and all market segments for these cars. These companies include both Bugatti and Koenigsegg whose hyper car was a much anticipated and popular launch recently. Trion wishes to be a major player in this market with a hyper car that can stun the competition with ease, hence the emphasis on 2000 PS of power and nothing less! According to official Trion information, the hyper car Nemesis will combine daily practicality and efficiency along with superior levels of performance. It goes without saying that this will be one of the most luxurious and high end vehicles ever created.

Ultra-luxury and practicality sounds like an interesting combination. How does Trion plan to achieve this? The company has planned the incorporation of a twin V8 turbo charged engine which should ideally provide more than 2000 PS of power as mentioned and this will be combined with a sequential eight speed transmission system which is mind blowing to say the least! This hyper car is expected to reach the coveted 100 kilometers per hour mark in less than even 3 seconds which makes it brutally fast and perhaps the fastest car ever unveiled! This car should also come with a maximum speed of 434.5 kilometers per hour which is astounding to say the least! The body of the car will make use of carbon fiber which is light in weight and efficient. The chassis has been crafted out of Inconel alloys which are another innovative feature.

This car will also come with a revolutionary Predator mode which is highly unique and innovative and will lead to modifications of the height, suspension, interior illumination, rev limits and also the exhaust of the car! The highly innovative features and the mind blowing specs have already created a flutter in the automobile industry. This hyper car is set to be one of the most exciting launches even though there is no definite information on the launch date and vehicle production and manufacturing process as of yet.

Trion Supercars has a unique vision, one that is reflected in the ethos of the CEO Rich Patterson who spent 29 years working in the automobile industry and followed his dream by setting up Trion Supercars or TSC in May 2012. This was only made possible courtesy a team of top experts and professionals who possessed the competence and skill sets to execute the vision of the founder. Why is Trion Supercars a unique company? Rich Patterson brings technical expertise, design vision, experience and passion to the table along with a superb team. The motto of the companies rests on providing top notch, cutting edge supercars made in America. A total package is sought to be offered to discerning supercar enthusiasts who would have otherwise had to look into European markets. TSC cars have common USP’s such as drop dead gorgeous looks, styling, performance which is unparalleled and ultra luxurious interiors. There are cars which come with choices ranging between hybrid engines, traditional fuel based engines and also fully electric cars. As stated above, the company TSC has a major objective of taking on European hyper car and supercar makers head-on and winning more customers and winning more customers in this segment.

The company specializes in designing, assembling, engineering, selling and marketing super cars that are advanced and come with the latest technologies and other features. The target market for the company mainly lies in the mid range to premium segments. The company makes use of technologies for engineering that are tapped from a wide range of industries. All Trion cars come with top notch comfort, features, safety, power and aesthetics.

Trion Nemesis 2000 Hypercar

Trion Nemesis 2000 Hypercar

More information about the stunning Nemesis

The Nemesis vehicles always keep drivers at the forefront of all their innovations. The sheer design of the vehicle is an excitement inducer and these cars are ultra-luxurious, high performing vehicles with flawlessly crafted character lines on the exteriors and attention grabbing configuration of the car tail. The packaging options for the interiors can also take about 96 percent of average driver heights and dimensions in reasonable comfort. This holds true for almost all models. The cabin of the Nemesis makes use of top notch technology and volume reduction efforts are visible all throughout the interiors. This leads to better optimization of overall car space and lends a sleek look to the cabin.

There are flat panel digital controls which provide internet access and infotainment options in addition to subtly hiding the programming functions for the car. There are displays which help customers access to functions like powertrain programming for the Nemesis in addition to other operating functions. There is a Predator Mode, as mentioned above, which serves to modify a plethora of factors for ultimate performance! Trion Supercars has made it a vehicle for drivers and not just passengers. The rear trunk of the car has been superbly crafted in a manner which helps it accommodate luggage and other items with ease. This combination of functionality, practicality and high performance makes the Nemesis one of its kind. In another revolutionary feature, this car will also come with aero dynamics that can be programmed as per the mood of drivers!

When you look at the sheer features and options on offer along with the breathtaking aesthetics of the Nemesis, this seems to be the biggest super/hyper car launch in recent times and should definitely change the hyper car landscape at a global level!


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