The Search For MH370 Is On

Search for Malaysian Airlines MH370

Carrying 227 passengers from 15 different nations, the MH370 Boeing 777- 200ER mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth on 8th March 2014, after losing contact with airport authorities less than an hour after take-off. The search for the missing aircraft is still on with countries such as Australia and China pitching in.

The Chinese have provided Australians with a satellite image of a 22.5 meter long floating object in the southern half of the Indian Ocean. The AMSA or the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has confirmed that the image submitted by the China government will be kept in the purview of the search to be conducted on Sunday. The image that has been given has successfully plotted the position of the aircraft and falls in the search area marked out for Saturday. However, the object was yet to be found on Saturday.

AMSA commissioned a civil aircraft for the Saturday search event. It has reportedly signed small objects such as wooden pallets with the normal eye, within 5 km of the area marked out.

A RNZAF P3 Orion aeroplane with specialized electro-optic view equipment was sent to the spot. It arrived after the departure of the first aircraft. However, it reportedly found only dumps of seaweed. A buoy that marks data was dropped by the RNZAF or Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion for tracking the motion of materials. A merchant ship in the vicinity has been assigned the task of identifying and relocating the material.

Moderate seas, visibility range of 10kms and good weather conditions were experienced in the search area on Saturday. AMSA has stated that 3 maritime RAAF Orion surveillance aircrafts, A P3 Orion New Zealand aircraft and 2 commercial jets with ultra-long range shall be used for the search on Saturday that is to be conducted 2,500km SW of Perth.

The RAAF P3 Orion and commercial jets were the first group to depart at 9am Canberra time from Perth. Two merchant ships were also a part of the search team and so fat 6 such ships have been of assistance ever since the broadcast made by AMSA.

Late Saturday, the HMAS Success, the supply ship for the Royal Australian Navy arrived.

Forecasts said that the weather in the area would deteriorate. However, the arrival of 3 Chinese air force planes encouraged the searchers working in the Southwest Australian oceans. The y-8 and IL 76 cargo aircrafts are to assist the search team in the southern region. Along with the aircrafts, China has sent the ice breaker that carries a helicopter, Xuelong and 5 ships, to help with the search. The Xuelong had left Fremantle for south of the Indian Ocean to hunt for debris of the missing plane.

The Aussie Deputy PM Warren Truss welcomed the Chinese aircrafts to the operation at the Pearce Airforce Base, located 50km towards the north of Perth.

The two images recently released show two objects that could possibly belong to the MH370.

Along with the passengers, 12 airlines crew members have also gone missing.

The efforts of the search party for the Malaysian Airlines aircraft are yet to bear fruits.



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